Raising Geniuses

Consider some of the world’s most brilliant people of the distant past such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great and, later, great Renaissance men. As children, those extraordinary people had personal tutors who often lived with them. For example, Plato was tutored by Socrates; Aristotle was tutored by Plato; Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle who lived with his pupil. They grew up to become great, not because of their academic training per se, although their education was important and a necessary requisite. But, the reason those men became great was: their minds worked differently, beyond the boundaries of other men. As children, they were exposed to the powerful minds of their tutors. Whereas most children back then (just as today) saw only the surface of life, the children with such powerful tutors constantly saw deeper to the essence of things. That essence continually locked together with other essences through common denominators about life. The Neothink mentors will have the same affect upon Neothink members and their children!

The greats from the past began, as children, linking together common denominators at the root of things. As they started snapping those common denominators together, mental puzzles began forming in their minds. That allowed them to see not only deeply into things, but broadly across expanding fields of knowledge. Moreover, those growing mental puzzles, in time, began revealing never-before-seen puzzle-pictures, enabling them to create new knowledge.

In other words, those great minds advanced into Neothink. That more powerful way of using the mind did not come from their academic training per se, although it was important. Their new way of using the mind came from their tutors shaking up the normal way of looking at things, which forced the children to look deeper to the essence. At the essence of things lie the common denominators in life. And that is where Neothink puzzle-building begins.

I know this from my own experience. My father was Dr. Frank R. Wallace, a renown scientist, philosopher, and author of The Neo-Tech Discovery. It was clearly his talks with me that broke through normal boundaries of thoughts for a young person’s mind and shook up my normal way of looking at things, which caused me to look deeper at things and led to my Neothink puzzle-building and expanding success.

Neothink Superpuzzle demonstrates what happens after just one year teaching eight-year-olds and shaking up their minds to go from mere perceptual thinking as everyone else to conceptual thinking and onto puzzle-building Neothinking.

By understanding what makes minds great, parents can raise geniuses. Talk to your children about things that break through their normal perceptions. Many topics are found in Superpuzzle, which cuts through to the essence of many things. This technique really works. I do this with my young children. My six-year-old daughter knows the big puzzle-picture in my Neothink writings.

Moms, dads, and teachers communicate their experiences to each other in the Neothink Clubhouses. Eventually, the Neothink School of Geniuses will rise out of the Neothink Society, using this powerful technique to bring children into the powerful Neothink mentality.